God made the corn… but he forgot the flavor.

Popcorn is a healthy, unaltered wholegrain snack. Popcorn has a higher proportion of health-promoting antioxidants than fruits, as there are significantly more antioxidants polyphenols in the hard germinating envelope.

A portion of Popcorn provides a whopping 300 milligrams of antioxidants, while a average portion of fruits only have 160 milligrams. Unlike popcorn, fruit exists mainly of water.

Popcorn curbs the appetite as it contains a lot of indigestible fibres. The particulary long-lasting satiety stimulate digestion, complex carbohydrates keep the blood sugar levels stable and provide the body with long-term energy.

Why PopppyStar?

Enjoy everywhere
Thanks to our innovative low-maintenance PopppyStar popcorn fully automatic enjoyment machines it is easy to purchase great tasting Popcorn almost everywhere.

No lnvest
Become a part of our PoppyStar succes story and earn money almost in your sleep, careless, without investment, no risk and you benefit from our long period of know how.

Totally Trendy
Our patented corn of PopppyStar already carries the flavor on the grain, whether sweet or salty each portion is prepared fresh, completely fat-free on the spot. PopppyStar popcorn is very low in calories, tastes great and is also a healthy in between snack for young and old.


Advantages that convince…

We can offer you a great, durable and permanently working fully automatic popcorn machine like allmost no other existing on the market.

Our preflavored Corn is patented.
We are in continuos development optimizing and making our machines better and better and more customer friendly, this is our principle: the mirror of our success are our enthusiastic customers.

Our portfolio begins with the competent advice, the support, we advertise your locations in all social networks, support our partners with adver­tising material, continuously training and aducating of service staff and partners. Of course our partners benefit from all innovative new develop­ments, our variety of different vending machines makes entering this business into a easy opportu­nity.

Country licenses available

The Country License is a great opportunity to make money!
You’ll exclusively serve a complete country.

  • We will train you and your employees in technology, service, location scouting and support.
  • You will get automatic labeling, cups, advertising material and contracts in your local language.
  • We supply you with spare parts and consumables and advise you in detail
  • You automatically and consistently earn good money.

So when will you become part of this awesome and blasting growing market and join us?

Get started

Could we wake up your interest a bit, well don’t hesitate – your chance is actually just a phone call or E-Mail away from us! A great chance for Locations like amusement parks, gas stations, zoos, shopping centers, malls, as well as all other high frequented locations.

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